Electronic Death Registration System

Electronic death registration (EDR) systems are state-based systems that facilitate collaboration among multiple death data providers, such as medical examiners, and coroners to enhance mortality data collection and quality control. EDR systems play an essential role in improving the timeliness and accuracy of mortality data at the local, state, and national levels. Mortality is a key outcome used to track and respond to public health emergencies, such as bioterrorism, opioid overdoses, influenza outbreaks, environmental health hazards, or natural disasters.

DATABUTION is an Electronic Death Registration System

DATABUTION includes the ability to be a state-based system. In fact, DATABUTION is designed to be an Electronic Death Registration System.

Coroner and Medical Examiner Case Management
DATABUTION is an easy to use, comprehensive case management and documentation system. County Coroners and Medical Examiners use DATABUTION to record death investigation case data. DATABUTION maintains that death investigation data in our secure database where Coroners and Medical Examiners have access to their jurisdiction's death statistics.

State-Based Collaboration among multiple Death Data Providers
DATABUTION includes state-wide accounts that allows state-based agencies access to their county-level coroners and medical examiners (death data providers) records/statistics.

Our State Agency Module Features:

  • Real-time and historic death data
  • Color indexed bar chart statistics
  • Comprehensive searches
  • Communicate with one or all death data providers
  • Quickly add NEW TRENDING issues for data collection
  • Generate location-based statistical cluster maps

Find Out More about the DATABUTION EDR System
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