Coroner Case Management System

Why use a Coroner Case Management System that requires a government grant to afford? DATABUTION is a coroner case management system that fits in your budget. If you happen to get a government grant, use it to buy mobile laptops or notepads for your staff, because DATABUTION is a mobile coroner case manangement system that you can access right from the scene.

Many of our coroner case manangement system competitors are dependant on external storage resources like Amazon AWS. Not us. DATABUTION manages it's own servers and database storage and security.


Mobile (Work your case anywhere with your internet-connected device)
Web Based (Nothing to install or download)
NVME Storage (100x Faster Than Industry Standard Hard Drives)
Daily Database Backup
SECURITY: SSL Connection & Database Encryption
MFA (Multifactor Authentication)
Automated Incident Geolocation
Fee Based on Annual Number of Cases (and NOT County Population)
Annual Subscription Pricing (ONE Annual Fee and that's it...)
Email & Phone Support
Medication/Property/Evidence Log
E-Sign Electronic Signature
Unlimited Users
Tiered User Account Levels
Case Review/Approval
Generate PDF Case Report Documents
Real Time NAME/IAC&ME Compliant Statistics
Generate Statistics Between Two Dates
CDC ICD-10 Cause Of Death Tracking
Immediate Implementation (Get started right now.)
Auto-Complete Hospital/Hospice, Pathology Labs, Toxicology Labs, Funeral Homes
Text Search, Comprehensive Search, Opioid Specific Search
Statewide EDRS System Available
Real Time Case and MOD Tally Displayed

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