Coroner and Medical Examiner Case Management Software


DATABUTION is a mobile, cloud-based case management platform for coroners and medical examiners. Databution offers coroners and medical examiners the ability to quickly and efficiently enter case information and create case documents from virtually any internet connected device.

Through it's intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard, coroners and medical examiners enjoy streamlined case flow as they work their cases. Common entries are automated thus eliminating the need to endlessly enter the same information over and over again.

Work from home, in the office, at the scene, and on your phone, Databution is mobile-friendly and at your service anytime and anywhere.

Ask around. DATABUTION is being used by coroners and medical examiners in Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and South Carolina. Our customer base is constantly growing because our coroner and medical examiner customers are talking about DATABUTION. Why not have a look at some of our features.

Easy To Use
DATABUTION is amazingly easy to use. In just a few minutes, whether you're a computer expert or novice, you'll be working DATABUTION like a pro.
Platform Evolution
DATABUTION is constantly evolving. We update and upgrade the system to remain on the cutting edge of current and emerging technologies. We also add new features and data collection to keep up with the needs of our customers.
DATABUTION is a product of ragefish custom software. We're not a large company. We don't have many mouths to feed. We don't even have sales people. What ragefish does is write solid, innovative software - and that's it. With that in mind, we're able to create high-end software at affordable prices.

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